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24. April 2014

Me, when I wake up.

~Malena Morgan, Aurielee Summers and Charlotte Stokely.
~Malena Morgan, We Live Together
Anonymous: Caprice is just perfect. She's like adorable but still so sexy at the same time

Agreed! She’s just so gorgeous.

Anonymous: Who would you say is your favorite actress in lesbian porn as a whole?

Hmm that’s a tough question. I really like Malena Morgan because she’s bi so she’s not just a straight girl pretending to like girls for cash. She also dates girls. And Caprice is just so perfect.

pussy5269: You are puss is hairy?

This sentence makes no sense. Remember: You have to clean your crack pipe BEFORE you use it. LOL

Anonymous: are gay ??

I like guys and girls but I like girls better than guys. Girls kiss way better for starters. :P